How do we clean your soft goods that do not get processed through traditional laundering methods? Our ESPORTA Wash System will process those items that need to be wet cleaned but cannot be put in a traditional washer. Luggage? Sports gear? Porcelain Dolls?  No problem.

View our ESPORTA before and after pictures:

Using the ESPORTA Wash System, we were able to restore the stuffed toys that were severely contaminated by sewage. Pictured far left, shows the stuffed toys completely soaked in a sewage loss situation with extreme levels of unsafe bacteria. After cleaning in our ESPORTA Wash System, these precious childhood toys were restored to nearly food-grade cleanliness.(pictured left)

The ATP Testing unit records the level of contamination/bacteria found on an object. Surfaces tested with ATP having residual bacterial levels of < 10 RLU are sanitized to levels approved for food preparation and are medical-grade.


One of our customers, Mrs. Smith, had a house fire and she lost many precious items. Being in her late 80’s, she had endured many things to include World War II. Her husband, Sgt. Smith, was a war hero. Their generation became known as the “Greatest Generation” because people were loyal and patriotic. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was President during this period and he spoke about this generation saying “This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny”. Sgt. Smith and his wife were married until 1998. Sgt. Smith died that year. Mrs. Smith had endured many things over the years, but was having a hard time dealing with the loss of all the memories that she and her husband had made and shared. At Sgt. Smith’s funeral, she was given the memorial flag. According to Mrs. Smith, it was always placed where people could see it. It was a treasured memory that she kept as her own. As you can see in the pictures, the Memorial Flag case was damaged severally by the fire. A Memorial Flag case holds the flag that was used in the funeral for Sgt. Smith.

Was This Loss Considered to Be Un-Restorable … And By Whom?

Ninety percent of the items in the home were deemed un-restorable by the insurance company, but the only thing that Mrs. Smith cared about was the Memorial Flag. When we took the flag, we did not realize the extent of damage that we were dealing with. We were concerned that we would be able to get it back to her as she remembered. We had a new case built. We washed the flag using the Esporta, we made sure it was secure in the netting that was placed in the cage. It was a challenge to get the flag back in the case with some of the damage that it endured. We did have to mend part of the flag.

What Was the Owner’s Reaction To Getting Their Restored Items Back?

Mrs. Smith was filled with joy and tears. She could not say enough about us. One of the rewards that came out of this experience, is that when our employees saw what we could do, they had a renewed sense of being on a winning team. We had changed somebodies life. Even today, when employees see the photos, they say “Incredible! We can do things like that?”