1Q: Does Hammer Restoration warranty their workmanship?
A: Yes, Hammer provides a 2-year workmanship warranty.
2Q: I’m not comfortable with strangers in my home.
A: Hammer Restoration uses a rigorous qualification process in hiring. This includes pre-employment drug screening, driving record screening, nationwide criminal background check, and identification verification. In addition, random drug screening continues throughout employment.
3Q: What will you do to protect the security of my property while I am at work?
A: Beyond the careful screening of our staff, Hammer uses lockboxes to allow access to our crews while you are at work. Upon leaving, the crew will lock up to keep your property secure until your return.
4Q: This drying equipment is pretty noisy—can I turn it off at night?
A: It is essential that all drying equipment placed be left running in order to protect the structural integrity of the home or business and the indoor environment.
5Q: My insurance company has a preferred vendor program, do I have to use the company or companies they recommend?
A: As the property owner, you have the right to hire the contractor of your choice, even if your insurance carrier has a vendor program or makes a recommendation. You should hire a contractor you feel comfortable with.
6Q: Some days I don’t see anyone working at my property, why not?
A: There are a number of reasons you may not see anyone working at your property on a given day or days, which may include: waiting for a special order to be delivered, waiting for an inspection to be completed before work can continue, one phase of work being completed ahead of schedule, waiting for selections to be turned in, and occasionally one or more crew members may be pulled for emergency response for another customer experiencing a new loss. These are a few of the reasons, but there are sometimes other reasons as well.
7Q: Why is my mortgage company’s name on the claim payment check?
A: The mortgage company is named as a loss payee to protect their investment in the property. (see Loss Payee in the definitions)
8Q: I have a question about the coverage in my insurance policy, can you help me with that?
A: Any questions about what is or is not covered in your policy should be referred to your insurance agent or adjuster.
9Q: I have a question about the progress of work at my property, who should I ask about this?
A: Generally, you should refer questions about the progress of your project to the project manager. If he/she has a project coordinator, please refer your questions to the coordinator.
10Q: I like to use email to communicate with my project manager and/or project coordinator. Will you sell my email address?
A: Hammer Restoration will absolutely not sell or distribute your email address to anyone outside our company.
11Q: If I hire a Public Adjuster, will this affect the completion time of my project?
A: Generally, hiring a Public Adjuster extends the amount of time to complete restoration services, sometimes by a considerable amount. Hiring a Public Adjuster is a decision which should be made upon careful consideration.
12Q: What if my policy will not pay for the total cost of repair?
A: Some policies do not cover the total cost. In such a case, Hammer will work with you to discuss options you may have regarding the scope of the project and/or payment options. Some common examples are sump pump failure limits and depreciation value policies.