Fire Restoration

When your building, office, apartment, store or restaurant is damaged by fire and smoke, your business comes to a standstill. Your employees and possibly your income could be in turmoil.

That’s when the fire damage restoration team at Hammer Restoration can help you. First, we start with securing the building to prevent any further damage. Then, we meet with you to assess the fire damage and provide an estimate for repairs, cleaning and rebuilding that is necessary to fully restore your operation.

We will work hand and hand with your site manager or owners and your insurance adjusters. If needed, our fire damage restoration team can help you relocate your operation to temporary workspace locations. Our experienced team of project managers understands the urgency for quick and comprehensive repairs. All of our project managers have extensive building and construction management experience. The Hammer Construction and Cleaning Team will be there to help you through the complete repair project.

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A fire at your home can be completely devastating. The destruction caused by fire is overwhelming. What is not burned is covered soot and smoke, the smoke smell is unforgettable. In addition to the havoc caused by the fire, water damage can also result from efforts to extinguish the fire.

That’s when the Hammer Fire Restoration Team arrives and helps you start the process to rebuild and repair your home and all your possessions.

The Hammer Fire Restoration Team can help you through the complete project. From securing the structure, board up windows and doors, Tarp the roof to keep the elements out and remove all the water / dry the structure. The Project Manager team will help you work with the Insurance Company. Help you assess the damage and produce a comprehensive / accurate estimate of the loss and what it will take to rebuild and repair your home and all of your possessions.

The Hammer Fire Restoration Contents Cleaning Department will take great pride and care of the handling and cleaning your possessions. We know and understand there is much more to your home then walls floors and roofs. It’s your memories, valuables, clothing and stuff we will do whatever we can to return all of your possessions to pre-loss condition or better.

At our core Hammer Fire Restoration is a builder/general contractor. Our experienced team of carpenters can repair any portion of your home that has been damage. When needed, we can even rebuild you a complete home for you and your family.

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"3rd time using Hammer Restoration and I am super happy with this company. Fantastic people to deal with.."