“I just want to send out a heartfelt thank you for all that you and your Hammer Restoration team did for us during our recent water exposure in our basement. We cannot thank you enough for the unbelievable service that you portrayed. You did everything in your power to ensure that we were taken care of quickly and effectively. We were so impressed with your service and attention to every little detail. You certainly turned an unfortunate situation into one that quickly was resolved and was back to normal immediately. Sometimes in life, you cannot understand why unfortunate things happen, but you learn from them. What we learned is that we had amazing people to work with, to shed some light and rays of happiness, and to reinforce to us that everything will be ok and back to normal very quickly. That to us was Amazing ………

Ross, thank you for everything that you and your team did for us. It will never be forgotten.”

Rich and Maria (Morford) Lagalo
Mount Pleasant, Michigan

“We appreciate all of the Hammer employees that worked on our home and the hard work they did. The four months that we were displaced from our home went by quickly because we were kept informed on the daily activities, our many questions were answered and the work was completed to our satisfaction.”

Edward Stump

“A great big THANK YOU!  to the entire team! It was not just a job well done; it was over and above our expectations. We were so impressed with your restoration abilities and your professionalism.”

Rob Muldoon
Mt Pleasant Community Church

“Hammer Restoration, Inc., did a SUPERIOR job. I would recommend them to anyone with damages to a home. I hope my friends and family don’t ever get into a fire situation, storm damage or anything like that, but if they do, I know I will tell them about Hammer … If they haven’t heard it from me already!”

Karen Couture
Property Owner/Landlord

“The Hammer group did an outstanding job! They are professional, kind, respectful, courteous, understanding, knowledgeable, quick and caring. After a fire you feel low, empty and disgusted. When Hammer comes aboard, they help you get mentally stronger, relieved and excited to rebuild. Hammer takes the emptiness away and heals the wounds. I feel truly blessed and will never forget the outstanding work to stand us up and get us back to doing what we do.”

 Todd Ballor
Turkey Roost

“Our experience with Hammer was very good. All employees that came to our house were very caring and pleasant to work with. We were always advised of the progress and any concerns. Thank you for a great job.”

John A. Brode

“I was completely satisfied with the work and responses of Hammer when I had my loss. Since I worked with different companies as co-owner of McAlpine Insurance Company, this is the very best! Thank you.”

Dorothy McAlpine

“Ours was a very positive experience, starting with the original call and including all subsequent contact with the Hammer crews and management. Everyone involved was very professional and courteous.”

Judy Killmer
Zion Lutheran Church